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Club Information

ESCA was formed on August 3, 1963 in Santa Rosa, CA.  Our purpose is to: encourage, present, and participate in sports car events, and exhibitions; encourage safe and sportsman like conduct on public roads; exchange technical information on engine performance and handling; and meet other sports car enthusiasts.

Read the revised 2020 ESCA Constitution:

2020 ESCA Constitution

Auto-Cross Events 

Events are for Club Members* Only

ESCA membership is required * to be on the site and you must also be 16 years of age or older with a parent/guardian in attendance. (Parent/guardian must be an ESCA member and be on site as long as the minor is on site).

* Guests of Club Members may be welcomed if space allows.

Autocrossing is a low speed, timed event that is safe, challenging and fun. A course usually includes a combination of straight-aways, S-turns, and sweeping turns and is outlined with pylons. One entrant at a time is given a practice lap and one or more timed laps during which he tries to go as fast as possible without hitting any pylons. Autocrossing gives the driver a chance to learn better driving skills as well as respect for a well maintained, good handling automobile. ESCA presents several autocrosses each year.

All Auto-Cross Events are for ESCA members * only and the site is not open to the public. 

Due to limited space at the auto-cross site, all drivers must be a registered ESCA member*. 

* Or Guests of Club members if space allows.

Car Classification information is available here. Car Classification 2024

  * * Things Self Tech Inspector looks at *

  • helmet: must be Snell Approved 2010 or newer. We will place a sticker on the helmet if it passes inspection.                                       (Snell 2010M is allowed)
  • engine bay: hoses, wires, motor mounts, and belts are in good shape and free of cracks, free of leaks of any kind with all fluid caps secure.
  • battery: must be properly secured down and terminals tight and positive terminal covered.
  • steering: must be tight to the feel with no worn out components.
  • suspension: ball joints and bushings must have no obvious play or wear.
  • brakes: should be firm to the feel and have obvious sufficient pad material.wheels: all wheels must free of obvious cracks with hubcaps removed and  all lug nuts/bolts present and torqued. All wheels must no  have bearing movement.
  • tires: all tires must be crack free with proper tread depth with no exposed cord or bulges.
  • loose items: interior, trunk and exterior must be free of all loose items.
  • car #: car number must be at least 8 inches tall and have contrasting color on both sides of car.
  • seat belts: present & secure. Two-strap shoulder harnesses shall not be worn in open automobiles, which is not equipped with roll bars.
  • two-strap shoulder harnesses: shall not be worn in open automobiles, which are not equipped with roll bars.
  • safety equipment is installed correctly and does not have any excess movement.
  • roll bars: are REQUIRED in all purpose-built competition cars and any other open cockpit AUTOMOBILES using racing (non-D.O.T. approved) tires.
  • Sound Limits: ESCA enforces a strict 95dBa wide open throttle @50 feet sound limit, no open header or straight piped exhaust systems.

Please remember overall vehicle maintenance and safety is sole responsibility of owner/operator.

The condition of stated items are at the discretion of the event Chair/Co-chair.

  * * Remember * * 

  • Tech card will be emailed to you. 
  • Empty all loose items from your Car, Including the Trunk
  • Open Hood & Trunk or Hatch
  • Remove wheel covers or Hub Caps
  • Helmet must be Snell Approved 2010 or newer.  (Snell 2010M is allowed)

If your car does not have a Tech Sticker when you drive up to the Grid you will not be allowed to autocross.!!!!

Rallye Events

See Rallye on this website for more details.

A rallye is jokingly referred to as the longest distance between two points. In a variety rallye, participants are given a set of instructions for a route several miles long. It is a test of the ability of the driver and navigator to follow those instructions as they travel on the roads looking for signs and situations that fit the definitions of the rallye. A rallye is not a speed event. ESCA sponsors the annual April Fool’s Rallye which is open to the public as well as several others for the enjoyment of the club members. Several of ESCA’s rallies have won the N.C.S.C.C. Variety Rally of the Year Award.

Tour Events

Tours are casual club events, drives planned along scenic routes or to places of interest. These usually take place on weekends, however, we do have some overnight tours to special activities and events. Recent tours include trips through the wine country, to the Infineon Raceway Classic Car Races, and to restaurants.

Social Events

Each year we have a summer party and a Christmas party. Other activities have included potluck dinners, cruises, and picnics.

ESCA Meetings

1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7 pm.


Contact ESCA

Empire Sports Car Association
P.O. Box 2242
Santa Rosa, CA 95405

Contact ESCA via email at:

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Mission Statement

To encourage ownership, operation, and preservation of sports cars, to encourage safe and sportsmanlike conduct on public roads and highways, to arrange and regulate sports car events and exhibitions, and to develop and provide technical information relevant to any of these purposes. Read more »