Due to limited space at the auto-cross site, all drivers must be a registered ESCA member or an ESCA member’s guest driver.

All members must pay the yearly membership fee of $18 per year for an individual and $20 for a couple. 

 To join ESCA see Become a Member below.

Minors Joining ESCA

When a minor (under the age of 18, but 16 years of age or older) joins ESCA, the minor’s parent/guardian must sign the application form AND be in attendance at all Autocrosses for the duration of time that the minor attends the autocross. The minor’s parent/guardian is required to join also. Minors (16 years or older) may not be allowed to drive in autocross events that are held jointly with other car clubs.

Become a Member

If you would like to become a MEMBER of ESCA, attend two consecutive general meetings (meetings each first and third Tuesday at 7:00 pm), complete and submit application form received at the meeting, and attend a meeting of the Board of Directors.

If you are unable to attend two consecutive general meetings, ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP is available. Please contact ESCA via email at: for more information.

When joining ESCA, there is a $10.00 one time initiation fee and 1 year’s dues of $18.00, if joining by June 30th; or $9.00, if joining on or after July 1st.

Couple and family rate is available only for people residing at the same address, as only 1 newsletter will be emailed.

If a couple or family is joining at the same time, each person must complete an application and attend one or two meetings and an ESCA Board Meeting. 1 application is required per person.

If joining as a couple or family, the fees above are required for 1 person, which is a total of $28.00 ($10.00 initiation and $18.00 dues), if joining between January and June; and a total of $19.00 ($10.00 initiation and $9.00 dues), if joining between July and December.

The additional family member(s) will pay the $10.00 initiation fee per person and dues for the current year of $2.00 per person no matter in what month the application is made.

New members receive an ESCA label pin and a car decal. New members will be informed that they can access the latest copy of the Constitutional By-Laws at from the drop down box under the Membership tab. All members receive a monthly newsletter.

Become a ESCA Member

Learn about the club and how to become a member! Click here to start!

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